Journey to the Center of the Mind

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Game Description & Controls

A game designed by an awesome kid named Chandler Christie. The Big Brain has only one thing on his mind - World Domination. Only you can stop the mayhem and destruction. Fight your way through robots, ninjas, aliens, zombies, reptile biker lizards and dance competitions as you take a Journey to the Center of the Mind!

Left or Right Arrow: Move
Up Arrow: Jump
Space: Shoot
P: Pause
All Controls Can be Customized in Game.

Chandler Christie's Bio

My name is Chandler Robert Christie and am 14 years old (my birthday is May 30, 1995). I live in Nanton, Alberta which is a small town 1 hour south of Calgary. I have lived here my entire life. I am in grade 8 at JT Foster School and my favorite subjects are Language Arts, drama, and art. I have a younger sister (named Bronte) and a younger brother (named Mason).

I have many hobbies which include drawing, playing video games, cooking (and eating), listening to music and bustin' moves. I'm best at drawing, cooking and grooving (just ask anyone at my school and they'd agree.) I also have just started making movies - I got a small video camera for Christmas and have currently made 5 motion pictures starring my brother and sister and cousins.

Some other facts about me:

  • My favorite food is pizza - to both cook and eat, and the more meat the better.
  • My favorite band is Nickleback - they are awesome.
  • My favorite TV show is "My Name is Earl" - it is hilarious!
  • My favorite movie is "Night at the Museum" - and we just saw "Night at the Museum 2", it's really good too.

My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to create comic book characters and video game characters. I've been a huge fan of comics and video games ever since I was little. I used to start up the computer and load my favorite games by myself when I was 2 years old (my mom always told my babysitters to not worry about it and just let me do it on my own.)

For my wish with Make-A-Wish® Canada, I chose to create a video game because I am very interested in seeing how games are made and to see my idea for a video game come to life. I have many ideas for more video games and I hope that I can have more opportunities to share my ideas.