Origin Versus: Battlefield 3 Edition

Origin And GameSpot Go Head To Head

This Monday, battles will be fought, reputations will be made, and dog tags will be snatched as Origin takes on GameSpot in Battlefield 3.

While a brutal round of Battlefield is always worth watching, this particular Versus match isn’t just a test of FPS supremacy – it’s also a chance for the Battlefield community to score some top-notch swag.

If GameSpot wins, Origin will be letting go of 30 free Back to Karkand codes. The codes – which include the full game – will then be distributed in a manner of GameSpot’s choosing.

But if Origin wins, it’ll be GameSpot surrendering the prize instead. In this case: an exclusive spot on the GameSpot home page. We’ve already got a fantastic community-made video ready to take the space; it’s just a matter of racking up the head shots.

Tune in on Friday, December 16 to watch the full, live, Origin vs. Gamespot bloodbath and cheer for your favorite side. We’ll be starting at 11:00 a.m. PST sharp.

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