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Bop It! for iPad and iPhone

BOP IT! TWIST IT! PULL IT! Get the addictive fun of the hit Hasbro handheld game on your iPad or iPhone!

Listen for the commands and get ready to react – FAST! Start by bopping, pulling, and twisting, and unlock “Bopjects” exclusively available on iPhone & iPod touch. Choose from 4 solo and 4 multiplayer modes. Play for fun or challenge your Facebook friends to beat your scores!

Just like the awesome Hasbro™ handheld toy, making moves is totally intuitive on iPhone & iPod touch. Use the simple Multi-Touch display controls or do an X-MOVE with the Accelerometer. Just listen for the commands and then bop, twist, pull, and more before time runs out. It’s super easy to play – and crazy addictive fun! 

Play it solo in 4 different single-player challenges. Bop, Twist and Pull in Classic mode. Manage up to 6 objects on screen at once in Extreme mode. Take on one object at a time in Basic mode. Or go for the super speed challenge in Blitz mode and see how fast you can do 20 correct moves.

Also invite friends to BOP IT! with you. Try cooperative play with an infinite number of players in Pass It Basic. Match up against a single friend in Head 2 Head action or take turns with 10 players to see who’s fastest in the Blitz Challenge! With so many ways to play, the Bop just won’t stop! 

If you really got what it takes, you can unlock exclusive “Bopjects” that require all kinds of moves. Spin It! Flick It! Crank It! And more!

  • Overview
    • Choose from 4 single-player game modes – Classic, Extreme, Basic, and Blitz
    • Play with friends in up to 4 multiplayer game modes –Pass It Basic, Pass It Extreme, Head 2 Head, and Blitz Challenge
    • Unlock crazy new "Bopjects" as you play
    • Use simple Multi-Touch display controls or X-MOVE with the Accelerometer to Bop, Twist, and Pull just like the handheld game
    • Challenge your Facebook friends to beat your best scores