Watch the EA E3 Press Conference

Live Coverage Begins @ 6AM AEST

Follow EA’s biggest announcements at E3 with up-to-the-minute video coverage of this year’s E3 Press Conference. Our live stream launches at 6AM AEST on Tuesday, June 5, 2012.

What’s Coming at E3?

This year’s E3 press conference will be packed with major announcements surrounding the Battlefield, Crysis, and Medal of Honor franchises. Tune in to the live feed and watch as EA pulls back the curtains on 2012 and beyond.

How Do I Watch the Live Stream?

Our E3 live stream will be right here on this page. Simply show up at the designated time (6AM AEST) and watch the latest announcements roll in. You can also RSVP for the event—and receive a free reminder—by entering your email in the Event Reminder box to the right. Make sure to choose the reminder time that works best for you. We recommend either “1 hour before” or “15 minutes before.”