POSTED BY EA Staff ON 10/31/2011

A guide on how to squad up on Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Dear everyone!


We've received many questions on how to join the servers with your squad on Xbox 360 and PS3, therefore we decided to post this guide.

In the first screenshot right here, you can see what your user interface looks like with friends online.

If you do have friends on your list that are currently online, you can now start forming a squad by sending invites to your friends.

When you have done so and your friends have accepted your squad invite, their highlighted boxes will be in green which means that you are now in a squad and ready to join the server as a squad.

Go into the Server Browser and pick a server you would like to play on. A good piece of advice is to pick a server that isn´t completely full. To be on the safe side, pick a server that has 16/24 on them since they fill up quite fast.

When you are finally in-game, (note that the screenshot was taken on an empty server) you are ready to own it up :).

Enjoy yourselves!

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