EA Logo POSTED BY Hayden Wright ON 01/10/2013

Asia Showcase 2012 Roundup

We held our Asia Showcase 2012 on Wednesday 11 Decemeber last year to show off our upcoming titles to gamers from across Australia, Japan, Korea and South Africa.

SimCity's Jason Haber

Retailers and the gaming media came out to meet our producers and get a hands-on with titles like Crysis 3, SimCity, Dead Space 3 and FUSE. While our producers were bombarded by interviews from outlets like PC World, and NZ Gamer, the rest of our guests were treated to some previously un-played demos of our upcoming games.

The gaming community at the EA Showcase 2012

As the sun went down the media left and a gourmet hot-dog stand was wheeled in as our EA Community members came to game, relax in a LoveSac or two and have some fun in our photobooth.

If you want to hear what our our producers had to say about Crysis 3, FUSE and SimCity you can relive our EA live-chat here. You can also read more of the details at MCV Pacific or see a rundown from Zac Elawar of Capsule Computers.