bf3-rpg.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 11/18/2011

Bad Gamers Get Buried Alive On The Controller

This week’s episode of The Controller takes a turn for the macabre, shying away from its usual physical challenge themes (shooting, running, and rolling through mud) in favor of burying – in the actual ground – its more poorly skilled participants.

While it’s usually our pro gamers getting run through the ringer, this week switches things up by tormenting The Controller’s already confused noobs – not that our sharp shooters are completely off the hook. Mrs. Violence, TSquared, and the other FPSers still have to hike their way to their teammates’ burial sites, and for some of these armchair warriors, even that proves a more strenuous activity than they can stomach.

See who rises from the grave to rock some Battlefield 3 in this week's brand new episode:

Don’t get too teary over this week's elimination – there’s still plenty more action to come next Friday. In the meantime, pick up a copy of Battlefield 3 on Origin and get your shooting skills in shape. You never know when you might be competing for a $50,000 prize.

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