bf3-paris-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 11/11/2011

Battlefield 3 Gets An Airsoft Port In This Week’s Episode Of The Controller

It may not be as technologically advanced as The Gadget Show’s Battlefield simulator, but this week’s airsoft obstacle course on The Controller still makes us want to rent some gear and get down in the dust. See how well Mrs. Violence, Mr. X, and the rest of the crew fare when they’re faced with a real-life skirmish – and real welt-inducing airsoft ammo.

Episode 4 of The Controller also takes us back to the show's console battle room, where Severn, Ayiia, and Edgar put their fledging Battlefield 3 skills to the test. Watch to see who racks up the points, who still can’t hit a target, and who finally walks away with this week's $2,000 prize:

Is your favorite team still in the running? Have you switched to cheering for a completely different color? Keep your fingers crossed for your favorite pair, because there’s more gunning, training, and gaming to come next Friday at 11:00 a.m.

If you're just tuning in – or need a quick refresher – you can still view episode one, two, and three on The Controller YouTube channel. Enjoy!