BATTLEFIELD 3 - Tank POSTED BY EA Staff ON 10/27/2011

Battlefield 3 Launches With Record-Breaking Force

We hope you’ve got some MREs stashed away, because Battlefield 3 just began its assault. With three million in pre-sales and over 60 industry awards already under its belt, the third title in the Battlefield series is officially the biggest FPS launch in EA history.

Today’s launch isn’t the only milestone for Battlefield 3; the beta shot down past stats as well. Over nine million players experienced the game’s September beta, collectively setting new social online play records for EA. In FPS terms, that’s over 42 billion shots fired and 1.6 billion kills registered. Good thing virtual bullets are free.

While we’re sure many of you are already gunning your way to glory – maybe you’re even firing up your PC as we post this – it’s not too late for those who aren’t. Order your copy of Battlefield 3 on Origin and start climbing the leaderboards today.

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