battlefield_3_premium_news_header_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 08/15/2012

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition And A Quick Peek At Aftermath

Since we announced Battlefield 3 Premium back in June, over one million fans have signed up for the service and its perks, including early access to the latest Battlefield 3 expansion packs. But now, we’re offering a deal for those who have yet to experience life on the battlefield: Battlefield 3 Premium Edition.

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition includes the Battlefield 3 base game, plus the Battlefield 3 Premium service mentioned above. Because Premium Edition is geared toward new players, it will also include a new Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Head-Start Kit, which automatically unlocks 15 different weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades for new players, making it easier to get started.

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition also offers great savings for new players, starting at just AUD $69.99/ NZD $79.99 on Origin..

Learn more about Premium Edition—and upcoming Battlefield 3 expansion packs—in the gamescom trailer below. Pay attention, and you may even see a little bit of Aftermath:

Didn’t catch it the first time? Skip forward to 1:37 and take a peek at what’s coming.