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Bowden's Bench – One Size Fits All

We gave a pacey selection a run in last week’s Bench, but I’ve favoured versatility to try and mix up our play this week.

In this weekly blog I shine the spotlight on three IN-FORM (IF) Team of the Week (TOTW) players who maybe don’t quite get the same attention as their superstar counterparts, but can be great value for money and really improve your team. This week’s team sheet features Coleman, Rodriguez and Donk.


If you like your fullbacks to play like midfielders then IF Seamus Coleman is worth a serious look. The switch from RM to RB has him add another dimension to your build-up play using his 78 Dribbling and 77 Passing. As a top-tier Silver item you can expect to part with around 180,000 coins for his services.


Up the other end of the pitch we have IF Jay Rodriguez who’s shifted from ST to CAM. This makes him an incredible asset if you play a formation such as 4-4-1-1, as his 74 shooting gives you another option to your main striker. I managed to pick him up for an absolute bargain at 15,000 coins.


Anyone who plays with a single defensive midfielder will tell you how important that position is. You need a defensive rock that bosses the high balls but still works overtime to cover his defenders, and IF Ryan Donk is the Silver master of these two jobs. His 83 Heading and 80 Pace are exceptional for a silver CDM, meaning all the dirty work is taken care of. You won’t find him cheap though, he’s going for around 400,000 coins.


Who do you think is the best buy this week? Check out this week's FIFA Ultimate Team of the Week and leave your comments below.

Chris Bowden, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Sports

Bowden is the Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA SPORTS. His pastimes include crying when his sports teams lose and hurling verbal abuse at his mates during FIFA nights. Keep up with his ramblings by following @EA_Bowden on Twitter.

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