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Bowden's Bench – E3 Special

With E3 now behind us, we sports fans have a whole lot to look forward to! The EA SPORTS IGNITE engine was revealed, forever changing the way we play sports games.

In the FIFA 14 Official E3 Trailer, Messi, Piqué, Xavi and Iniesta talk us through their feelings and emotions during a football match:

EA SPORTS UFC brings fighting back to its roots. The Official E3 Trailer shows the stunning power of the IGNITE engine.

We Aussies love to claim him. Melbourne-born Kyrie Irving is the star of the NBA LIVE Official E3 Trailer

Gameplay footage of Madden NFL 25 was the feature of the Official E3 Trailer, with the IGNITE engine beautify displaying the close-up view of the game.

What did YOU think of the EA SPORTS reveal at E3?

Chris Bowden, Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA Sports

Bowden is the Asia Pacific Community Manager for EA SPORTS. His pastimes include crying when his sports teams lose and hurling verbal abuse at his mates during FIFA nights. Keep up with his ramblings by following @EA_Bowden on Twitter.

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