POSTED BY EA Staff ON 07/20/2012

CEO John Riccitiello Speaks at Fortune Brainstorm TECH

This week in Aspen, CEO John Riccitiello joined Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, and Laura Lang, CEO of Time Inc., on a panel at the Fortune Brainstorm TECH conference to discuss how to shift a large company to new business models.

During the course of the panel, Riccitiello discussed the experience of moving EA through the transition from a packaged goods company to a digital entertainment company. He touched on the challenges in making this transition, the fastest growing market segments in games, and how EA has motivated employees by “making it safe” to do something new and heroic. For the full transcript or to watch the replay of the panel, click here.

In addition to joining this panel, Riccitiello also sat down with CNBC’s Julia Boorstin to discuss investor perceptions and the future of gaming. You can watch that video online here