Community_Spotlight_News_AU.jpg POSTED BY Jess Hodgson ON 04/25/2012

Community Spotlight - Drjft

[Jiggsy] Hey Bryce! So first off, what do we call you?
[Drjft] Well, my real name is Bryce Wilson, but most gamers and people know me as "Drjft". That's not Dr. Jft, it's like Tokyo Drift but with a "J". I got the name a few years back and it has stuck ever since. Someone offered me $500 for my gamertag on Xbox LIVE once. True story, I swear.

[J] $500 for a GT? I'm in the wrong business! Tell us a little about yourself.
[D] I'm 21 years old, and I live in Melbourne. I've been doing videogame and technology based journalism for a few years now. I went to E3 last year, too. I've been playing games since I was three years old, and I feel like writing about them is the greatest thing ever. In my spare time (When I'm not studying for university) I spend a lot of time in the gym, getting outdoors and hiking, or reading.

[J] If you could only play one genre for the rest of your life, which would it be?
[B] Definitely and without a doubt, Real Time Strategy. I've been a massive RTS fan for years, in fact one of the first PC games I played was Command and Conquer, like, the first Command and Conquer. I love being able to analyse my play style, adapt to situations, and have my brain firing off in order to battle it out. Plus, destroying your friends bases is always enjoyable.

[J] What's the best thing about being part of the EA Community?
[D] For me it would have to be how approachable the community is. I spent a few months in America last year and interacting with companies in the U.S. pointed out to me how I still think the greatest customer support and fan interaction would have to come from EA Australia. Everyone is approachable, fun to engage with, and above all else they all love games.

[J] What's your Top 5 EA Games list look like?
[B] Drum roll... Oh, and also, I'm going to assume position one is best, and five is the least best of the best, but ultimately it's still one of the best. That makes sense, yeah?

[J] You can rank them if you want, for sure!
[B] Number five would be SHiFT 2 Unleashed. Number four would be Battlefield 1942. Three would be Mass Effect (The original). And then number two would be Battlefield 3. Finally, number one, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Seriously, if Generals 2 is half as good as that you'll have the best RTS of all time.

[J] I'm definitely looking forward to Generals 2, and everything I've seen looks amazing so far. Lastly, how do people find you on the inter-webs?
[B] There's a few ways. I've got Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. I have my writing all over the internet, and my Facebook has a list of places where you can check my content out and chat to me. I'm often giving stuff away on Twitter, so follow me!