Community_Spotlight_News_AU.jpg POSTED BY Jess Hodgson ON 04/17/2012

Community Spotlight – OzzyGamerChick

[Jiggsy] Hey Alex! So first off, what do we call you?
[Ozzy] I seem to go under so many names, before I started on YouTube all my XBL friends would call me Ozzy, from my gamer tag OzzyGamerChick, but now its either GamerChick or Alex.

[J] Tell us a little about yourself.
[O] I am 19 years old and currently studying Advertising and Marketing at Uni. I would love to one day be able to apply that into the gaming industry. I have a gaming YouTube channel which I started about 8 months ago. YouTube has really become a huge thing in my life. Not only does it allow me to share my thoughts and opinions with the gaming community but I also get the opportunity to meet amazing people that are actually involved in the gaming industry, like you guys at EA!

[J] If you could only play one genre for the rest of your life, which would it be?
[O] I would have to say FPS with RPG coming in second. There are so many different games that I love that fall under the FPS genre.

[J] What's the best thing about being part of the EA Community?
[O] It's such a friendly environment! I have met so many awesome people. Talking with you guys at EA just feels like chatting with friends that have awesome jobs! But seriously it is really easy to talk with you guys. Whenever I have a question you are more than happy to reply... Something as simple as that makes all the difference.

[J] What's your Top 5 EA Games list look like?
[O] Hmm, Mass Effect, those games are very hard to walk away from. Left 4 Dead 2, probably one of my top 5 games of all time. Need for Speed, such a fun racing game. Sims, there really is no need to explain why that's in there. And Army of Two, I loved playing that game with my brother, we were always trying to find two player games so we could both play at the same time and Army of Two had such a cool idea to focus on the co-op aspect.

[J] Lastly, how do people find you on the inter-webs?
[O] You can find me on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook