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Continuing The Origin Conversation

Since its launch in June 2011, Origin has undergone a quiet evolution, smoothing corners, strengthening foundations, and adding—piece by piece—the elements needed to make it a truly enjoyable gaming platform. However, in focusing so intently on what’s to come, we haven’t always succeeded in communicating what’s already available. That’s where our users bring invaluable insight to the Origin conversation.

Recently, Jon Peddie got in touch with EA about what he thought was a missing feature; he had purchased a game on Origin and wanted to run it on a new PC, but couldn’t get past an error screen and was understandably frustrated. We were able to connect with him about what was happening and rebuild his account to fix the issue. The exchange also made it obvious to us that some of Origin’s most fundamental features—like the ability to play your games from any PC—weren’t as clear as we’d hoped.

That’s where you come in. Like Peddie, you have a unique opportunity to engage us in conversation and help shape the future of Origin. That’s why we’d like to ask you to use take a moment and leave a comment about (1) Your favorite Origin feature and (2) A feature you’d like to see added or improved upon.

Experiencing a more technical issue with Origin? You can always contact Origin Help for friendly, 24/7 assistance.

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    The one thing I love about Origin is how fast it downloads my EA games, I mean with steam it can take forever to download and I've got fast internet. But the one thing that I would love for you guys to put in is a backup your origin games once they are installed just like with steam. I mean with steam once you've downloaded and installed the game is that you can right click on it and make a backup of that game so you don't need to re-download the game. That would be the best feature ever.
    05/ 6/2012
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    Please add a larger game selection. Maybe games from other companies. The cloud saving at any time sounds like an interesting idea and can't wait to see it in action.
    05/ 7/2012
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    I don't really like anything about Origin. A feature I would like to see added is hours played on games tracked.
    05/ 8/2012
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    More support for the Mac community. PC games should run on PC’s. = Windows, Linux, Mac. Also Make it easier and clearer whether a game will run on the Mac. Don’t make us have to search all over the site to find out.
    05/ 9/2012
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