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Crysis 3: The Nanosuit Revealed | PWNED February 2013

Director of Creative Development on Crysis 3 Rasmus Hojengaard talks about the role of the Nanosuit in the game.

The suit is treated like a character itself, and Crysis is essentially a ‘Prophet trilogy’, even though Prophet isn’t the protagonist in the first two games. He plays a key role, and decisions he makes affect the narrative of the games up until Crysis 3.

There’s also an interesting dynamic between Prophet and Michael ‘Psycho’ Sykes, involving the Nanosuits. Psycho is conflicted with not having the power that the Nanosuit once granted him, and Prophet is struggling with controlling the overwhelming power his suit now possesses.

Obviously, the role and real status of Prophet is unknown, as he committed suicide at the start of Crysis 2 and apparently returns at the end of 2 as an entity. Players are unsure whether he has returned as an AI or as part of the suit, but Rasmus believes these questions are answered and wrapped up well by the end of Crysis 3. The questions the developers want players to ask themselves throughout 3 are, what is really inside the suit, and in the end, does it even matter?

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