POSTED BY EA Staff ON 12/ 8/2011

Customize Your Battlefield Play4Free Weapons

Battlefield Play4Free just added a new feature, and it’s a good one. Now you no longer have to be content with the gun handed to you—with the new weapon customization, you can build your own! The new feature, which launched on December 1, lets you change your weapon’s barrel, ammo magazine, scope/sight, stock, and skin. An interface similar to the game’s soldier customization interface lets you alter the performance of your submachine gun, for example, by choosing between attachments such as a stabilized stock or a precision stock, a heavy barrel or a stand-off barrel, and many more, with even more attachments to come.

Currently you can only customize permanently purchased assault rifles, light machine guns, SMGs, and sniper rifles. The addition of customization for pistols, shotguns and special weapons at some point in the future is not out of the question, however. Any attachment you rent (using either Credits or Battlefunds—you cannot permanently purchase attachments) is available for all weapons in a particular category, so, for example, your assault rifle holosight will work on all assault rifles.

You can learn more about Battlefield Play4Free and view the new trailer featuring weapon customization at

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