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Dead Space 3 Exclusive Interview and Necromorph and Human Threats | PWNED January 2013

Isaac Clarke continues to face his personal demons in the Dead Space series, as well as facing plenty of real ones as well, in the form of the fearsome Necromorphs. Dead Space 3 will feature brand new Necromorph strains sent to terrorise players, so we asked associate producer Yara Khoury to tell us a little more about them.

The first new Necromorph that players will encounter are The Wasters. Wasters are incredibly dangerous, as from afar they can easily pass for humans in need of assistance. Once approached, they engage in deadly close quarters combat, sometimes with weapons, until you begin to dismember them. Then, depending on how you take them apart, they will change their method of attack, usually by sprouting whipping tentacles. The Wasters appear in a variety of different locations; the lost flotilla, the lunar colony, the ice planet, and they often vary in appearance - so stay sharp at all times.

An important new inclusion in Dead Space 3 is the addition of human enemies. These Unitologist fanatics will doggedly pursue Isaac wherever he goes, and use guns, ballistic weapons, grenades and even one-way suicide runs to try and take him out in the name of Altman.

Threats can now come at Isaac from all sides, but there is a way for him to thin their numbers without risking his own neck. Necromorph and human enemies can engage in combat against one another, so sometimes it is best for Isaac to simply hang back until one destroys the other, and then swoop in to finish the job.

Of course, traditional enemies from the previous Dead Space games will also appear with brand new looks. From the Slasher, to the Lurker and to the Leaper, all are keen to let Isaac know that they're far from finished with him yet.

Good luck out there.

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