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Dead Space 3 Release Date And Weapon Contest Announced

Get ready to face the terror in Dead Space 3. Today, EA and Visceral announced a February 5, 2013 launch date (NA) for the latest installment in the Dead Space franchise.

Set in sub-zero conditions, Dead Space 3 finds Isaac Clark and his new co-op partner, John Carver, fighting for survival on a brutal and alien planet. And if the gamescom trailer is any indication, players are in for some deep scares.

Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Fans who pre-order the Limited Edition of Dead Space 3 will be able to access two bonus suits and weapons as soon as they start the game:

  • “First Contact” Bundle: Includes the First Contact Suit, built by the SCAF for encounters with foreign entities, and a Negotiator, a Tesla Beam weapon capable of blasting a human-sized organism to pieces in a single shot.
  • “Witness the Truth” Bundle: Includes the Witness Suit, originally worn by a SCAF deep dig team, and an Evangelizer, a weapon with a souped-up AL-2g assault rifle on top and an Emerson 2100 “Big Boy” tactical shotgun on the bottom.

New Weapon Crafting System

By scavenging for raw materials and tool parts, Dead Space 3 players will be able to craft unique weapons to assist them in-game. Already have a weapon in mind? Visit www.deadspace.comand submit the weapon of your dreams. If you win, your tool (and your likeness) will be featured in game!

Get ready to play this February by pre-ordering Dead Space 3 on Origin.

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