ds3-demo-header.jpg POSTED BY Hayden Wright ON 01/24/2013

We talk Dead Space 3 with John Calhoun

Dead Space 3 arrives next month in Australia and fans of the series are preparing to track down the secret that will end the Necromorph plague forever. We spoke with Producer John Calhoun about how he plans to scare players this time around.

“Making Dead Space 1 and 2 we found a similar pattern emerging where people get used to the rhythm of the game,” John explains, “they start to back up against walls in these tight corridors so that nothing can catch them from behind.”

Isaac Clarke & John Carver on the surface of Tau Volantis

John and the development team were determined to break players out of this habit. Where the previous games have taken place in spaceships and in tight corridors, Dead Space 3 brings a new environment; the icy, barren planet of Tau Volantis.

“When you’re planetside there’s nothing to back up against, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Players can’t put their back up against a wall like they’ve been doing for hours; it forces them out of their comfort zone.”

John is in Australia to talk about Dead Space 3 ahead of its February 7 launch, you can read the full Q&A with our Dead Space 3 Producer on

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