The Sims Pets 3 POSTED BY EA Staff ON 10/ 7/2011

Discover The Wild World Of The Sims 3 Pets With Randall

Randall is taking a break from the treacherous environs and isolated habitats featured in the Randall's Wild, Wild World of Animals web series to stop by The Sims neighborhood. Mr. Honey Badger himself is lending his insight into the animal psyche to give you the rundown on the exclusive breeds you can get by pre-ordering The Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition.

A variety of exotic dog and cat breeds ranging from extraterrestrial to the cybernetic are showcased in the video. Your Sims will be delighted after doing a double take at the sight of marvelous mash-up breeds like the Panda Chow, Tiger Husky, and Skunk Birman. Those are just the tip of the iceberg as the video also features the Ishimura Bobtail, Robo-Dane, Bone Mastiff, Cyber-Tooth Cat, Mabari War Hound, Data Pointer, Pouncer, and Aztec Panthera. Check them all out for yourself in these brand new screen shots and the video below.

The only way you'll get your hands on these unique breeds is by pre-ordering The Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition before it comes out October 18th. What are you waiting for? Pre-order your copy on Origin (Australia | New Zealand), today.

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