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E3 Preview 2014 news round up

Battlefield Hardline, The Sims 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, FIFA 15 and Star Wars Battlefront were all on show at EA's E3 2014 Preview along with a few more. Here is our round-up of the highlights.

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Battlefield Hardline

It's a new direction for Battlefield and the team at Visceral pulled out all the stops with a look at 32 multiplayer gameplay before announcing the closed beta playable right now. Check out the website for more details as well as the live stream replay which came from the top of a Los Angeles sky scraper.

Star Wars Battlefront

The team at DICE revealed more about this fan favourite which is currently in development. Check out DICE Design Director Niklas Fegraeus' quick update on Star Wars Battlefront.

The Sims 4

There was a lot of excitement for The Sims 4 with a new gameplay trailer and reveal of the release date. September 4 will be the day when you can play with life like never before!

Dragon Age Inquisition

The "Lead Them or Fall" trailer was unveiled at the Microsoft E3 press conference. Ready yourself for Dragon Age Inquisition coming October 9.


EA SPORTS lifted the lid on FIFA 15 at the E3 2014 Preview with the "Feel the game" trailer. Check out the new features of the world's favourite sports game which include set piece control and more.

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