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EA SPORTS UFC Makes You Feel the Fight

The first sport, the original main event that thrilled the masses, was the fight.

Dana White, President of UFC, took the stage yesterday at “The Download” EA 2013 Preview” along with champion fighters Jon Jones and Benson Henderson to showcase the first trailer from EA SPORTS UFC and talk about how EA SPORTS IGNITE will bring the real emotion from the Octagon to the game.

“I’m incredibly impressed with what your team has done so far,” said White. “This is going to be a killer experience.”

The game will show what it really looks and feels like to take a hit. Fighting games used to feel like action figures rather than elite athletes but with Full Body Deformation, fighters’ flesh will move and react like the real thing. And as Jon Jones explained on stage, real life fighters make split decisions in the moment depending on their opponent. In EA SPORTS UFC, every licensed fighter in the game will have changing goals and fight plans, based on their real-life tendencies and each fight situation.

Are you ready to take on the Octagon? EA SPORTS UFC will be ready to fight on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in spring 2014. 

UFC President Dana White along with fighters Benson Henderson, Jon Jones and EA SPORTS GM Andrew Wilson introduce the first trailer for EA SPORTS UFC.

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    EA buying into Dana White's anachronism without any thought for facts. Such sports as gymnastics, swimming and fishing (amongst others) have been recognised as being every bit as old as martial arts. The original fighting "sports" were also nothing like the padded, rule-governed hug-fest that is UFC. It's showmanship; not a worthy ancestor of ancient martial arts.
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