origin_news_header_723x250.jpg POSTED BY Hayden Wright ON 11/11/2012

Everything you need to know about the Origin update

The Origin team has rolled out some exciting stuff for the service this week! Here's the lowdown on the latest update.

Twitch Broadcasting

Our new partnership with Twitch gives you the ability to stream your gaming session live, direct to your Twitch channel, for gamers to view anywhere in the world. Get signed in and streaming with Origin and Twitch together for the first time on every one of your Origin games.

To see how you get yourself streaming, check out the article on

The service is in early stages of integration and we'll be adding functionality pretty consistently over the next few updates.

Adding non-origin games

Another feature that's been added in the update is the ability to add games purchased outside of Origin to your My Games library. This means you can launch all your games from within Origin and broadcast using Twitch!

Additional upgrades

Streaming through Twitch and adding non-Origin games to your library are huge features to add to the Origin service, but there's been a whole bunch of little tweaks to the client too.

Your Friends List should now load faster and feel more responsive. The Friends List now stretches horizontally to accommodate long IDs, status updates, and real names. Right-clicking on Origin in your task bar will now display more options, like recently played games. Overall, you should notice an improvement in overall client performance and load times at launch and elsewhere. 

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UPDATE: These features will be rolling out to users who've opted-in to the beta throughout this week.