boot-room-news.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 02/11/2013

FIFA 13 Tactical Tips - Shooting Techniques

This week Darren Cross from Match Magazine talks you through shooting in different situations.

Power Shot – use when in a clear position to shoot. Run onto the ball and power up your shot. Aim where you want the ball to go when powering up. Flick RS to knock the ball from under your feet for extra power. Useful when attempting a first time shot on goal. Lob – hold LB when shooting to lob the keeper. Best used when the keeper is off his line but tricky to judge. Lobbing once round the keeper is useful to prevent defenders clearing the ball off the line.

Finesse – hold RB when shooting to open your body and curl the ball into the net. Useful if in the box and running diagonally onto goal. Apply curl with LS to bend the ball round the keeper and into the net near the far post.

Flair – hold LT when shooting to pull off a contextual flair move. Useful if attempting a diving header from a cross if stretching for the ball or performing cool volleys, scorpion or bicycle kicks if facing away from goal.

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