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Gamescom Highlights - Battlefield 4 live stream gameplay

Missed the Battlefield 4 Live stream showing the 64 -player game play from the Gamescoms floor? We have the replays right here! Check out Paracel Storm gameplay, features such as Levolution, Commander and Spectator mode and 32 players on the Gamescom floor trying to outwit, out flank and out gun each other. 

NOTE: There is some German language commentary at the beginning of the video but the rest of it is in English.

You can catch the Live stream every night from 8.30PM Australian Eastern Time (check here for your local time) on our Gamescom page.

Which "Only in Battlefield 4" moment was your favourite from the videos? Let us know via the comments section below.

Paracel Storm Gameplay #1

Paracel Storm Gameplay #2

Paracel Storm Gameplay #3

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