nfstr-challenge-kncar.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 11/17/2011

Get Revved Up For Tomorrow's Need For Speed Live Chat

Take a break from 3,000 miles of racing to join our Need for Speed The Run live chat with Community Managers Drew Hahn and Coulter Mulligan. Starting tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. AEDT, they'll be turning on the camera, the mic, and the charm for a discussion of the just-launched title from EA.

Whether you want to ask about a particular track – or the effort that went into building it – Friday’s Need for Speed The Run chat is a great opportunity to pose a few questions. Drew and Coulter will also be playing the game live under the names NFSDrew and NFSCoulter. If you see them on the road, go ahead and challenge them to a race; they're more than familiar with the twists and turns of Jack's race to New York.

Have a question you’d like to submit? Head to the official chat page when we go live at 6:00 p.m. and submit your query using the “Cover It Live” function. While the Need for Speed The Run team won’t be able to field every question, they’ll fit in everything they can before we hit the finish line.

Need for Speed The Run is available now on Origin. Get your copy today.

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    Visit the official Need For Speed The Run website to learn more about the game.