bf3-rpg.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 12/ 6/2011

It’s Finally Time To Go Back To Karkand

Play a map for long enough, and it starts to feel like home. Heck. Between that trusty piece of cover with the killer view to that really perfect spawn point where you grab your RPG, it can feel even cozier than the room you’re playing from. That’s why Back to Karkand is bringing back your favorite maps and weapons from Battlefield 2  – starting today.

The Back to Karkand expansion for Battlefield 3 has finally arrived and, as the trailers have shown, this new delivery of maps, guns, and glorious gameplay was definitely worth the wait. Check out the latest gameplay clip and see the action for yourself:

With a total of four reimagined maps and ten iconic weapons from Battlefield 2, players can revisit the past (or just their favorite spot in Gulf of Oman) from as little as $14.99. The Back to Karkand expansion pack also includes three new vehicles, a game mode called Conquest Assault, ten custom dog tags, and more. Pick it up and get all the details when you order the expansion on Origin.

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