gatling-gears-game-billboard-UK.jpg POSTED BY slinnertz ON 08/30/2011

Join The Battle By Downloading Gatling Gears On PC Today

The hit Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PlayStation® Network game, Gatling Gears™, is now available on PC with a quick and easy download.

Dodge, weave and manoeuvre through an onslaught of enemy firepower as the top-down shooter becomes available today for $15.95(AU) and $18.90(NZ) at digital retailers worldwide.  Grab your copy now at Origin.  In Gatling Gears, you'll fight your way through 30 unique environments armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons including a gatling gun, grenades and rockets.

Play the role Max Brawley and suit up in a Gatling Gears mech to set out on an epic mission to save the planet and defeat the Empire! You can fight together or compete against your friends in full online or offline co-op modes to achieve high scores and leaderboard prowess. Collect the gears left behind by obliterated enemies to earn point multipliers and cool mech upgrades.

Test your ability to stay alive with Survival mode, an arena-based battle where you'll go head-to-head with enemy forces in 10 rounds of pure chaos. Complete the objective with or without a buddy by dodging thousands of bullets from enemy tanks and soldiers and maneuvering through homing missiles, flame-throwers and cluster bombs, while protecting a core natural resource.

Check out the full trailer for Gatling Gears now!

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    Visit the official Gatling Gears website to learn more about the game.