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Madden NFL 12 is 1.4 Million Strong: Thank You!

Where were you at 11:59PM on September 4th? Outside your local game store, ready to stiff-arm your way through the crowd in order to secure your copy of Madden NFL 12? We wouldn't be surprised. In fact, 1.4 million Madden Heads the globe over have heeded up the call and grabbed their own copy Madden NFL 12.

For every copy in gamers' hands there's a story of a great play, an exceptional victory, and a surprising defeat. Madden Heads have already played more than 5.4 million online games – that's more than 10,000 regular NFL seasons. It's up for debate how many of those games have involved the Packers or Eagles.

Fans who played it smart and were EA SPORTS Season Ticket subscribers have had even more time with the game, with over a whopping 4 million minutes on the game clock in the three days before it came out. Of course, another driving factor to the success of Madden NFL 12 has been thanks to those of you who have dived into Madden Ultimate Team. This online feature where you purchase, trade, and build your perfect squad has been a huge hit with almost 200,000 card and coin packs purchased in the first seven days alone.

So, let's hear what you have to say about your first week with Madden NFL 12! Has the game surpassed your expectations like you guys have surpassed ours? And for those of you who aren't part of the 1.4 million, it's time to join the huddle. Experience the custom playbooks, Franchise and Superstar modes, Dynamic Player Performance, Madden Ultimate Team, and online communities for yourself.

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