madden_13_723x250.jpg POSTED BY Hayden Wright ON 08/30/2012

Madden NFL 13 in stores now

The latest installment of the Madden Franchise on Xbox 360 and PS3 burst into stores overnight, showcasing a whole collection of brand new features. Madden NFL 13 features advanced physics simulation with all-new Infinity Engine, social integration with the Connected Careers mode, Xbox 360 Kinect Integration and a 3D broadcast booth with commentary duo Jim Nants and Phil Simms.

Early critical reception for Madden NFL 13 has been outstanding, with PlayStation: The Official Magazine calling it a "generation-defining effort." GamesRadar adds that "We can't – and won't – stop playing," while Game Informer states that the brand-new Connected Careers is "a brilliant mode." With accolades such as these it's easy to see why Madden NFL 13 is so eagerly-anticipated by fans.

"Madden NFL 13 is the biggest game-changer in the history of the franchise," said Cam Weber, GM of American Football at EA SPORTS. "Madden NFL 13 will deliver to our consumers the most realistic gameplay ever, and innovations like the Infinity Engine will completely redefine how fans will play Madden NFL. With deep new gameplay innovation, social integration, and an overhaul of the audio and visual presentation, Madden NFL 13 stands as a benchmark entry for the franchise."

To read up on the new features of Madden NFL 13, take a look at the EA Sports Blog.