me3-multiplayer-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 01/18/2012

Mass Effect 3 Demo Slated For February

Remember when Reckoning was in the spotlight for all those crossover bonuses? Now it's Mass Effect 3's turn. With its very own demo just around the corner, the Shep-helmed game is taking the stage with glorious gameplay, a co-op preview, a bonus for Reckoning, and more.

Players of February's Mass Effect 3 demo will get a first-hand preview of the game’s single-player campaign, including a look at the gorgeously destructive attack on Earth that opens the game’s storyline. For those who'd rather run and gun, a multi-player preview will be available as well, giving qualified gamers a taste of the franchise’s new co-op play.

If you haven’t yet qualified for multi-player demo early access, but want to, you can do so by activating your Battlefield 3 online pass. Additional means of gaining access will be announced at in the very near future.

The Mass Effect 3 demo is slated for a widespread release on February 14, 2012, and will be available for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and the PC. For Xbox 360 users, it will also be one of the first pre-launch demos to support full voice recognition on Kinect. If you’re planning to play Reckoning, there’s even more reason to give the sci-fi demo a try: an exclusive Omniblade Daggers unlock for Kingdoms of Amalur.

While the demo will be available this February, the full version of Mass Effect 3 won’t be hitting shelves until March 8, 2012. Pre-order your copy on Origin today for exclusive access to the AT-12 Raider Shotgun, the M55 Argus Assault Rifle, and more.