me3_razer_giveaway_promo_582x200.jpg POSTED BY Nicholas Cornelius ON 04/29/2012

Mass Effect 3 Razer Gaming Gear Winners

Congratulation to our week 4 winner TheGeck086 who used his Jedi mind tricks to take home the Razer ME3 Edition Messenger Bag and Onza TE ME3 Edition.

Congratulations also to the previous week’s winners kiwijinxter, VoLTAG33 and El_Funko. A massive thank you to everyone who supported this competition here and kept the banter up on our Facebook page, we had fun reading your comments and look forward to bringing you more cool stuff soon.

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Until next time, game on!


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    Woot, thanks heaps guys!
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    Congrats, teach those noobs whose boss. :P
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