ME-PL-EAdotCOM.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 03/26/2013

ME3 Paragon Lost Prize Pack

To celebrate BioWare's Mass Effect 3 Retrospective, we've got a Mass Effect: Paragon Lost prize pack to give away, thanks to Madman Entertainment.

This ultimate fan prize pack includes:
1 x Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (BluRay or DVD)
1x Paragon Sew-On Patch
1x 'The Art of the Mass Effect Universe' Hard Cover book
1x Alliance SSV Normandy SR2 Replica
1x Mass Effect Book #1: Revelation
1x Commander Shepard Play Arts Kai Action Figure
1x Dark Horse Mass Effect Invasion Issue #1

4 Runners up will also recieve a copy of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost & Issue #1 of Dark Horse's Mass Effect Invasion comic.

For your chance to win, tell us in 25 words (or less) who the most important character in the Mass Effect Universe is to you, and why.

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