origin_9_news_header_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 08/ 8/2012

Origin 9.0 Launches Worldwide

Origin is proud to announce the official launch of 9.0, a new version of the Origin client that brings a fresh new look and improved functionality to the PC gaming community.

Origin 9.0 introduces a number of improvements to the client user interface. The Origin friends list has been separated from the main client window, and can be moved and hidden at will. Clear, text-based pulldown menus make for simpler navigation. And in the My Games tab, we’ve added new high-res box art and hover cards for a cleaner, more modern look.

Upgrade today or download 9.0 for free to experience the best version of Origin yet.


Updating to Origin 9.0

If you’re currently logged in to the Origin client, you’ll need to exit and then restart the client to begin your update to 9.0.

If you’re not logged in to the Origin client, just start the client normally. Your update to 9.0 should begin automatically.


Downloading Origin 9.0

If you do not have the Origin client installed on your computer, you can download and install Origin 9.0 from the web:

1.  Go to
2.  Click the orange Download Origin button.
3.  Save and run OriginThinSetup.exe.
4.  Follow the instructions that appear to install and use Origin.

For additional questions about updating or using the Origin client, visit Origin Help.


Origin 9.0 Patch Notes

·        Updated the look and feel of the My Games tab.
·        Updated game tiles with high resolution box art.
·        Added a slider allowing users to resize game tiles.
·        Moved the Download, Install, and Play buttons into game-specific mouseover windows.
·        Changed the Mark as Favorite button to a star icon.
·        Added new sorting options to the My Games tab.
·        Added a refresh button to the My Games tab.
·        Moved the Friends List into a standalone window.
·        Added the ability to hide the Friends List.
·        Added a button to the navigation bar that shows the Friends List if it’s hidden.
·        Added new navigation options to the Origin system tray menu.
·        Configured the Order History page to display both web and client purchases.
·        Added new title bars to a number of windows.
·        Improved overall performance of the Origin client.
·        Fixed an issue that was keeping some users from being able to patch properly.
·        Fixed an issue that was blocking FIFA 12 invites from being sent for some users.
·        Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.