pvz-daytime.jpg POSTED BY kbeall ON 12/14/2011

Plants vs. Zombies Is Now Available For Android

Today, PopCap Games announced some big news for the mobile community: their award-winning game, Plants vs. Zombies, is finally available in the Android Market! While it has long been a smash hit on other platforms, this is the first time Android users the world over can easily get their fill of zombie-zapping action.

Popular among gamers of all ages, Plants vs. Zombies features 50 addictive and infinitely replayable levels and mini-games that challenge you to defend your house from encroaching zombies before they make their way to your front door.

Choose from an ever-increasing assortment of specialised, zombie-battling plants that will help you to slow down, confuse, weaken, and ultimately destroy the vegetation-munching undead moving across your lawn. Quick and strategic placement of plants and other resources, like peashooters, sunflowers, cherry bombs, and wall-nuts, are critical to crushing the legions of zombies, each with its own combination of skills and behaviors.

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    Visit the official Plants vs Zombies website to learn more about the game.