PvZ_Garden_Warfare_E3.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 02/25/2014

EA Exclusive: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Soundtrack

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare hits shelves Thursday so for this week’s EA Exclusive we’re giving you first access to the game’s soundtrack! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all things Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare.

The soundtrack to this one-of-a-kind shooter brings together the crazy, fun and unpredictable atmosphere of the game that mixes classic PvZ themes with 80’s inspired synth pop and a sprinkling of military action. The music for the game was composed by veteran composer Peter McConnell who has composed award-winning scores in entertainment for over two decade. But this marks the first time in his long career from EA titles like The Sims and Brutal Legend where he tackles an entirely new genre: zombie choir music.

Take a listen and let us know your favorite track! We hope you have as much fun listening as the PopCap team did in making the game!