RealRacing3_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 01/17/2013

Real Tracks in Real Racing 3

The Australian made Real Racing series has been in development since 2009 and local Melbourne team Firemonkeys are excited to reveal additional information on one of the most exciting elements in the newest iteration of this fan favourite series.

Real Racing 3 lets fans race on real world circuits with powerful dream cars from all-new manufacturers like Porsche, Audi and Dodge. With the improvements achieved with Real Racing 2, the team aimed to raise the bar on expectations and continue to give their artists the ability to create the most realistic graphic effects on cars on an individual basis. Real Racing 3 delivers the unique experience of speeding in some of the best cars on world famous race tracks.

The Firemonkeys have released the second video in their development diary series to provide fans with more of Real Racing 3 including realistic reflections, customisable cars and improved detail down to glosses and finishes. For more information on Real Racing 3 please visit us on Facebook.