bf3-commercial-723-250.jpg POSTED BY kbeall ON 12/ 9/2011

See Who's Still Standing In The Final Episode Of The Controller

Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Red make their last stand for fifty grand in today’s eighth (and final) episode of The Controller. Tune in to see who gets cut, who crumbles under the pressure, and who takes home the final cash prize.

The final episode of The Controller takes a few detours from its usual format, with both a very aggressive physical challenge (think “capture the flag” with dog tags) and a play-off scenario that throws one of the pro gamers into a very un-pro tantrum. Watch the full episode below to find out which team walks off the Battlefield with a $50,000 prize:

You know you’re doing something wrong when Jonny Moseley calls you a coward. But even if ProoFy’s breakdown wasn’t good news for Alex, it sure helped make the winning team’s day. Got a better kill count than today’s pro gamers? Post it in the comments!

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