tss-summer-deal-723x250.jpg POSTED BY meleryan ON 09/21/2011

Step into The Sims Social and See What's Shaking

If you haven't had the chance to see why everyone from your roommate to your grandma loves The Sims, now's a great time. You can easily check out the newest exciting addition to the Sims series — The Sims Social — on your Facebook account today.

We know once you get a taste of The Sims, you'll be craving more. So to feed your need, we're offering 50% off The Sims 3 if you install The Sims Social between September 21th and September 27th. Check out The Sims Social Facebook app page for more information.

The Sims Social is a brand new social gaming experience integrating the worldwide success of The Sims with Facebook's massive community. Now, you can interact with your friends in a whole new way, living out a wacky parallel existence though the lives of your Sims. Create custom Sims and set them loose in the world to build relationships, have adventures, and maybe even fall in love — all with your real friends!

  • The Sims Social

    Visit the official The Sims Social website to learn more about the game.