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#TFIFA14IF Apology Rules

Your #TFIFA14IF party is organised, the star rankings have been decided, food, drink and decorations are ready and you are ready to kick off your weekend. But you need something else. Something that will live on until the next TFIFA14IF party. Use our apology rules and your social media channels to relive the fun.

The concept is simple. Decide on a set of rules and follow up at the end of your FIFA match. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to bask in the glory... or relive the humiliation. 

Option 1: Select an Apology Rule and challenge your opponent to a game of FIFA 14. The loser must perform the agreed action.

Option 2: Select the winning margin and a Rule. For example, if you lose by three goals, you may have to wear a tutu. Losing by five goals means a full WAG makeover and so on. Check out our suggestions below and don't forget to share your funny apologies with us via the social media buttons below using the #TFIFA14IF hashtag.

Suggested Apology Rules:

1. You must bow down in and chant ‘FIFA Champion’ to the winner 5 times.

2. You must wear a tutu for the rest of the event

3. You must publicly tweet or Facebook an apology to your opponent explaining how you have disgraced FIFA 14 using all the appropriate hash tags

4. You must do a dance of your choice for the next 2 minutes and post it to the social channel of your choice

5. You must call your mother or father and apologise for being a disappointment to the family on loudspeaker

6. You must give yourself a mini WAG makeover and keep it on for the rest of the event

7. You must change your facebook profile picture to a picture of your losing score for 24 hours

8. You must follow the winner around for the rest of the night, cheering them on in every game of FIFA they play

9. Draw a football on your face and keep it on for the rest of the day

10. Strike a pose like a supermodel – And share at least a dozen pics on social media immediately

Have your own apology rules? Let us know!

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