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#TFIFA14IF Star Ranking System

#TFIFA14 is all about having fun in challenging your friends, family and rivals to play FIFA 14 whether they are pros or new to the game. The key to working out a fair and competitive game is agreeing on a Star Ranking System.

This is essentially a handicap for the less experienced players so everyone can enjoy your #TFIFA14IF party by getting their hands on a controller and playing the beautiful game.

Use our Star Ranking System below to ensure everyone is on the same playing field at your party. The higher the Star Ranking, the lower the players experience and vice versa. If you think you are good at FIFA 14, this is how you prove it. No pressure.

½ Star Team – You are a FIFA 14 legend. You.Never.Lose

1 Star Team – You are a hardcore FIFA 14 player. You are the best FIFA 14 player amongst your friends and family.

1 ½ Star Team – You play FIFA 14 often and win more than you lose, and can cause an upset against very experienced players.

2 Star Team – You play FIFA 14 fairly regularly and tend to beat your friends and family more often than not.

2 ½ Star Team – You play FIFA 14 fairly often and games between your friends and family are consistently even, always with a strong feeling that either of you could win. Wins against the very experienced are rare.

3 Star Team – You play FIFA 14 semi-regularly and are competitive with the very experienced players, but generally struggle.

3 ½ Star Team – You struggle a little with winning consistently and have some hard fought matches with the less experienced players which you usually win.

4 Star Team – You struggle to beat the more seasoned players but can hold your own against players with a little more experience than yourself

4 ½ Star Team – You never win against your experienced friends and family members, but only started playing FIFA games and FIFA 14 recently.

5 Star Team – You are new to FIFA 14 and FIFA games generally. You’re still learning all the controls and the right times to shoot or pass but believe that all great FIFA players had to start somewhere.

Tell us what you think of the ratings and how you decide handicapping and keeping things fair via the buttons below.

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