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The Easter Bunny Has Arrived In The Sims FreePlay

On the heels of its groundbreaking Marriage and Babies Update, The Sims FreePlay keeps springing forward with lively new additions to the hit mobile game. Now through April 25, fans can grab exclusive, limited edition Easter-themed items – from Candy Eggs to Bunny Suits!

That’s right, now players can get their Sims dressed in the ultimate spring attire – the Bunny Suit. With sizes for male, female, and even baby Sims, there’s no reason not to throw a bunny party of your very own (on your mobile device, that is).

Sims Free Play Bunny Party

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    Absolutely loved this game. Post the update it is completely unplayable. Getting a pixelated blurry screen - as are others commenting in the ape market. Can't find anyway to contact support for help. Very dissapointed. HTC velocity 4G
    04/ 8/2012
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