me3-logo.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 11/ 4/2011

Vote For Mass Effect 3 In This Year’s VGAs

Jaunts through space. Late night pillow talk. Violent Reaper destruction. Mass Effect 3 gets our hearts pitter-pattering for all kinds of reasons – and if you’re looking for a way to let out the love, we’ve got just the right outlet.

Mass Effect 3 is in the official running for the VGAs' “Most Anticipated Game of the Year,” with just four other games gunning for the title. Compared to the massive Reaper threat looming on the horizon, Shepard’s chances look even better than usual! Of course, it’s ultimately up to you (isn’t it always?) to make sure everything turns up roses. Cast your vote today and help Mass Effect 3 beat out the competition. Shep (and Femshep) are sure to thank you.

Still need to secure your copy of Mass Effect 3? Pre-order now through Origin (Australia | NZ) to unlock the N7 Arsenal Pack, Robotic Dog, and the Squadmate Alternate Outfit Pack.

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