hu-news-moh-warfighter-billboard2.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 10/ 5/2012

Warfighter is one cohesive experience

Creative Director of Multiplayer, Kristoffer “Hoffe” Bergqvist, showed off Medal of Honor Warfighter here in the EA office this week. We had so much fun that we couldn’t resist asking him what the full game is going to be like.

“First of all, it’s going to be a more cohesive experience. You learn how a gun behaves in single-player and you can go and use that gun in multiplayer,” Hoffe said.

He says Danger Close was aware of the issues between the single player and multiplayer experience in the previous Medal of Honor (2010) and has worked hard to correct it in Warfighter.

He explained how the team at Danger Close worked very closely with two Tier 1 consultants to define a unique single player experience, which looks at real world events as well as the personal side of the warfighter story. They also gained invaluable insight into the competitive nature of the operators which helped them design the multiplayer game.

“They helped us from day one to design the multiplayer experience, combat mission setups and Fireteams came from them too. Seeing how they work in teams… we felt we had to represent that in our game as well,” he said.

New game modes such as Homerun and Hotspot came from the Tier 1 consultants as well. He says although there was a lot of respect between the global Tier 1 units, each thought that their team was the best.

“We really liked that competitive angle; we wanted a game mode that was specifically designed for competitive play; that’s how Homerun came about.”

Going back to the single-payer campaign, Hoffe says the level of authenticity in Medal of Honor Warfighter opens up the game and genre to new types of gameplay.

“We were designing traditional claymore-based gameplay and we didn’t have a lot of fun with it. We spoke to our Tier-1 Operators, and they said, ‘We don’t use claymores anymore, we use this!’ and showed us the spider mine, a small gadget that fires out tripwires… (which) creates a whole lot of new gameplay,” he explained.

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