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Weekly Web Wrap for 1/04/2013

#TakeDownTheLegends with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

Take to the course with your copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 and #TakeDownTheLegends!

BF4 goes Fishing in Baku

The first ever look at Battlefield 4 gameplay came last week as 17 minutes was put up on our brand new!

Witness the reveal

Army of TWO out in stores

Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel is on the streets, if you haven't had a chance to brag your copy, check out the launch trailer!

See the trailer

Here's a few of the stories you may have missed around the net.

Expect a new franchise from BioWare Edmonton

Speaking from PAX East, Mass Effect Exec Producer Casey Hudson mentioned that he's working on something new. The Edmonton team is working on whole new fictional universe focusing on building something similar to what they had at the beginning of Mass Effect.

What we learned from the Sony at GDC

The PlayStation 4 news continues as Engadget reported on Sony's Panel at GDC this year. New details on the DualShock 4 Controller, the Eye motion camera and the PS4's Blu-Ray drive were revealed.

Someone made a Reaper out of Lego

To be precise, 'Imagine Rigney' built a Destroyer class Reaper. Featuring fully posable head and legs, a movable face plate and a lego-brick light laser, this lego creation is a must-have for anyone creating their own Reaper Fleet.

That's a wrap! Join us every Monday for your EA news.

  • Ao2: The Devil’s Cartel Ao2: The Devil’s Cartel

    Visit the official Ao2: The Devil’s Cartel website to learn more about the game.