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Weekly Web Wrap for 18/02/2013

Crysis 3 deploys this Thursday

The wait is almost over for the third installment of the Crysis series! Get a taste for the lethal weapons in the trailer above.

BF3 Capture The Flag reveal

Dirt bikes make their debut in the End Game expansion for Battlefield 3; take a look at how they change up the Capture the Flag mode.

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Check out the Dead Space comics

Finished Dead Space 3? Dip a little deeper into the Dead Space universe with Titan Books' range of graphics novels and art books.

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Here's a few of the stories you may have missed around the net.

Need for Speed Most Wanted on Project SHIELD

The NVIDIA Team thrashed out some Need for Speed Most Wanted in their Project SHIELD: PC Mondays video last week. Streaming from a GeForce GTX-enabled PC, the handheld device runs the full version of Most Wanted with "all the graphics bells and whistles enabled."

*SPOILERS* Wreck-It Ralph almost made it to a Sims-inspired world

In a recent Q&A, director Rich Moore shared a deleted scene from Disney's Wreck-It Ralph featuring a Sims-inspired game world named 'Extreme Easy Living 2'. The exclusive animated storyboard on MTV's Movies Blog plays on trends in social gaming and even features a version of Simlish!

See the Evolution of PlayStation before Wednesday's press event

Sony's press event on Feb 20 has gaming media speculating about the possible announcement of a PlayStation 4 and Sony hasn't quelled rumours, releasing videos detailing the previous PlayStation consoles.

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