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Weekly Web Wrap for 24/09/2012

Get the inside line on Need for Speed Most Wanted

In the new series of gameplay feature videos, see what it's like to be Most Wanted in Fairhaven City.

MOHW announces beta

Friday's announcement means you can get your hands on Medal of Honor Warfighter with the beta in a few short weeks!

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Dragon Age 3 Announced

Bioware announced Dragon Age 3 Inquisition and it'll boast brilliant visuals thanks to the Frostbite 2 Engine.

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Own the Streets in SimCity

This week Guillaume Pierre shares his tips for keeping Sim-traffic manageable.

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Here's a few of the stories you may have missed around the net.

Kotaku: London Philharmonic records video game music

Mass Effect 3 won fan favourite for the follow-up to the London Philharmonic's "Greatest Video Game Music" album. The album has music from a plethora of great video games, 20 tracks in total, and you can read the full tracklist on Kotaku.

Battlefield gets Minecrafted

Youtuber MOZONE submitted a full recreation of Battlefield 3's Caspian Border map in Minecraft. And it looks fantastic.

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