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SCRABBLE™ for Iphone


Your SCRABBLE trainer.

Introducing an exciting new way to enjoy SCRABBLE™ ! Play the iPhone™/iPod® touch game from EA Mobile and connect with your friends on Facebook! Everything moves in real-time, so game stats and online chat appear instantly. Shake to shuffle letters and drag-n-drop to place tiles! The exclusive "Teacher Feature" displays the best word choice for your previous move. Continue to enjoy the features you've come to know and love like flexible difficulty levels and customizable game rules. Now SCRABBLE spells even more F-U-N on your iPhone/iPod touch!

EA Redwood Shores
iPhone & iPod touch
  • Overview
    • Now you can play SCRABBLE with your friends on Facebook
    • With SCRABBLE on your iPhone™/iPod® touch and a Facebook account, you can double your playing power
    • If you don't have a Facebook account, SCRABBLE will create one for you
    • Start a match from any platform to play-invite friends the same way
    • Join public games already in progress
    • Play in real time-stats and chats appear instantly
    • Games in-play are automatically saved in your Facebook browser
    • Exclusive "Teacher Feature" displays the best word choice for your previous moves
    • SHAKE your iPhone to shuffle letters, ZOOM to view the playing board, and DRAG-n-DROP to place tiles
    • Flexible difficulty levels and customizable game rules
    • 'My Games' list feature for viewing old and new matches
    • Easy score and stats tracking
    • 'Best Word' hint feature, in-game word list, and a built-in dictionary
    • Tap into your iTunes® libray and listen to your favorite songs
    This title is rated
    This title is rated